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Courtesy of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame

Charles M. Russell | 1864-1926

A Tribute to the Iconic American Western Artist

Charles Marion Russell (1864–1926) saw the American West change before his eyes, and he caught its essence and artistic spirit with mastery. In addition to living the dream of a true cowboy in Montana, he was also leaving behind a remarkable visual legacy that honored Western stories, Indigenous culture, vast vistas, and breathtaking wildlife images. His energy endures, even though his art is regarded as historic.

Legacy Woven in Wool | The Pendleton Tribute

Embracing Tradition

This Pendleton blanket is a tribute to the iconic American western artist of the Old West.

The background color is a match to Russell's personal stationary and the top and bottom of the blanket represents the French-Canadian trapper arrow sash that Charlie often wore. Each blanket sold will include a used copy of "Trails Plowed Under".

C.M. Russell Buffalo Blanket

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Includes a Used Copy of "Trails Plowed Under"

C.M. Russell created this sketch for his book "Trails Plowed Under". The book was published in 1927, a year after Charlie's death. The image can be found on page 43 and the original sketch is in the Tucson Museum of Art.

Blanket Specs

The blanket is 82% pure virgin wool/18% pure cotton. 64 x 80 inches. Made in the USA. Dry clean only.

The use of the image is licensed with the Tucson Museum of Art.