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The Latest Exclusive Design Blanket by Jackson Hole Pendleton

"I've Seen Buffalo Myself"

This Pendleton blanket is a tribute to the iconic American western artist of the Old West. C.M. Russell created this sketch for his book "Trails Plowed Under". The book was published in 1927, a year after Charlie's death. The image can be found on page 43 and the original sketch is in the Tucson Museum of Art. The background color is a match to Russell's personal stationary and the top and bottom of the blanket represents the French-Canadian trapper arrow sash that Charlie often wore.

Each blanket sold will include a copy of "Trails Plowed Under".

We Bring Western Modern Americana to Life

Styling Services

Dive into the core of Jackson Hole's allure. We intertwine the rugged charm of the West incorporating exquisite Pendleton fabrics, rugs and blankets, creating spaces that resonate with both local heritage and modern demands.

The Legacy of Jackson Hole Pendleton

A Testament to Artistry and Tradition

At Jackson Hole Pendleton, our offerings are a testament to artistry and tradition. From our magnificent range of blankets, adorned with both time-honored and Native American designs, to our diverse array of home accessories, pet essentials, and distinguished attire for men and women, we ensure every product resonates with the soul of the West.

What sets us apart is our commitment to individuality. Recognizing that each of our patrons has a unique vision, we proudly offer personal and custom design services, turning your dreams into tangible, timeless pieces.