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Chief Joseph Slate Bedding

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Regualr measures 64 x 80 inches, Queen is 90 x 90 inches and King is 108 x 90 inches and the pattern is rotated 90 degrees. Made in the USA from 82% wool/ 18% cotton. Napped. Felt binding. Dry clean only. Woven by Pendleton Woolen Mills.

Pendleton Woolen Mills design information-

Designed early in the 1920s, the Chief Joseph design continues to be one of Pendleton’s most popular blankets. It commemorates the heroism of one of the Northwest’s greatest Nez Perce warriors, Chief Joseph. His Nez Perce name was “Hin-mahtoo-yah-lat-kert”, which means Thunder Rolling Down Hill. The Nez Perce were known for their skills as warriors, breeding of Appaloosa horses, support and guidance for the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery, and their peace efforts with the US Government. The Chief Joseph blanket is the oldest on-going blanket produced by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Its design is balanced with arrowheads symbolizing bravery and pointing in all directions of Mother Earth.

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