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Animals of Yellowstone Series Bighorn Sheep Blanket

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We have produced the first five blankets in our limited edition series
“Animals of Yellowstone”.  Starting in 2018 we produced the Grizzly,
then the Bison, the Moose and the Elk followed by the Wolf blanket. This
year we are proud to present the last blanket of the series, the Bighorn
sheep. These blankets are a limited edition series of 1872, the year the
Park was dedicated as the first National Park and are numbered 1 through 1872.
These blankets are woven by Pendleton Woolen Mills exclusively for
Jackson Hole Pendleton.

If you order online please indicate in the “order instructions/comments” section
any blanket number you may have from previous orders of blankets in the
series. We expect delivery sometime during the summer.

These regal animals embody “the spirt of high wild places”.  Once numbering
in the millions, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep is found from Alberta, Canada
to northern Arizona. Fortunately, Yellowstone Park supports a good number
of sheep mostly in the rough areas that provide good escape routes from predators.

In appearance, stature and agility, the Bighorn sheep is a far cry from his
domestic cousin. Bighorn sheep don’t have wool, in fact their coat is more
like that of a deer. Rams can weigh about 300 pounds, while the ewes are around 200 pounds. 
They are very adept at eluding predators such as bears and wolves, but must be on constant
alert to avoid a golden eagle from taking a young lamb.

64 x 80 inches. 82 percent pure virgin wool/ 18 percent cotton. Made in the USA  by
Pendleton Woolen Mills. Dry clean only. Expected to be delivered early September.

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